What is Transistor ?

Many times we have question in mind what is transistor this post you know about basic of transistor. Hope you like it.

A transistor is extremely basic—and extremely complex too. How about starting with the basic. A transistor is a small electronic segment that can complete two unique work. It can work either as amplification or a switch:

When it works as amplification, it takes in a small electric flow toward one side (I/P side) and creates a lot greater electric flow (O/P side) at the other. In sort its a current amplifier. Sound system & Headphones are a very good example of it. It amplifies small sound too big. In many applications, we work it as a switch too

Transistor basically made pure silicon or germanium but can be made by another semiconductor also.
There is a lot of scientists who invent & innovate it. American physicists John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley are one them.

There are two types of transistor basically Bipolar junction transistor(BJT) & field effect transistor(FET)

Transistor are basically used in amplifier, Digital circuits for logics gates, switching, biasing etc.


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