What is diode ?

Those who see diodes many times & want to know what actually it's & how it works. I tried to explain in a simple way hope you understand it.

A diode is a two-terminal electronic part that conducts current essentially one way ; it has low (ideal zero) resist in one side, and high (ideal ) resist in the other. A semiconductor diode, the most widely know today, is a crystalline slice of semiconductor material with a p– n intersection associated with two electrical terminals. Semiconductor diodes were the primary semiconductor electronic thing. it was made discover by German physicist Ferdinand Braun in 1874. Today, most diodes are made of silicon &  other  different materials, for example, gallium arsenide and germanium are use.

The most common work of a diode is to enable an electric flow on one way (forward direction), while at the same time blocking it the other way (reverse direction). It can be considered as an electronic form of a check valve. 
Basically its used for convert AC to DC ( Rectifiers), Switch, oscillator ,modulator etc.


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